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I traced my family back to 1820 and then found I could get back as far as 1501 on the IGI. My late father was known as John Pitt and amazingly I found that there was a John Pitt in Kidderminster in 1501. I wrote to the two submitters and received an e-mail from Lionel Nebeker. I also had a letter from Lionel Nebeker's cousin, Larry Hibbert. The Cooksey family in both family trees confirmed that this was a genuine connection.

I was born in Stanmore, Middlesex but lived in Kidderminster from the age of 5 until almost 17. I lived at 28 Highfield Road, Greenhill and went to St. Ambrose School until 11, and then Kidderminster High School for Girls.

  Letter from Lionel Nebeker  

Kidderminster Harriers and Ben Pitt
My grandfather, Ben Pitt (christened Frank) is in the list of the Harriers' longest-serving players. He played for them from 1898-1903 and is pictured in the Centenerary History on page 37 (first from the left on the front row). The picture was taken after the 1-0 Worcestershire Senior Cup Final win over Stourbridge in the 1903-04 season.

photo of Kidderminster Harriers

Harriers are pictured in red and white striped shirts which were the colours of the club around the turn of the century.

Quote from the Centenary History of Kidderminster Harriers Football Club, written and compiled by Colin C. Youngjohns in 1986:

"Edwardian Harriers
The previously unsuccessful seasons had taken their toll and the club was faced with a deficit of over £40 but most of this was wiped off through the generosity of Mr. G.W. Grosvenor and other friends. Consequently there was an air of optimism when the club held a dinner at the Roebuck Hotel in Oxford Street (now the site of the Wyre Forest District Council Housing Offices) when Sir Frederick Godson MP, the Lord Mayor, and other dignitaries were present."

A typical Harriers team at the end of the 19th century was : Buttery, Adams, Vernall, Merry, Dunbee, Roston, Mears, Everill, T. Green, Ben Pitt and H. Davis. The last two were "prominent youths from St. John's Bible Class".

Coincidentally, my 3rd Great Grandfather, Richard Cooksey, ran the Roebuck earlier in the 19th Century!

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