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Pitt Marriages

Cooksey Marriages

Corbett Marriages

  Pitt Marriages

All Saints, West Bromwich, Marriages
1823 – July 28 – Samuel PITT BA and Lydia KNOWLES,W, witnesses Joshua THICKETT and Sarah JONES
1827 – Feb 26 – John TURNER, W, otp and Sarah PITT, SP, otp, witnesses James CASHMORE and Sarah WARD
1828 - April 7 – James FELLOWES BA otp and Mary PITT SP otp witnesses James PITT and Mary PITT
1830 – Jan 18 – George PITT BA of Dudley and Sarah UNDERHILL SP of same witnesses William UNDERHILL and Sarah ROBINSON
1830 – Sep 27 – John WOOLEY BA otp and Dorothy PITT SP otp witnesses Richard REYNOLDS and Ann WORLEY

Kidderminster Marriages
Thomas PITT Farmer (son of Susannah of Broadwaters who died in 1882) married Letitia Betty. Thomas died in 1901. 3 children George Walter, Henry Ernest and Thomas – no dates available

Bilston, Staffs
Edwin PITT haulier of 149 Wolverhampton Street, Bilston, Staffs died 24.6.1908. He was married to Elizabeth Catharine who died 20.8.1906. They have 2 children, Thomas, Engineer and Edwin, Haulier.

Bridgnorth, St. Mary Magdalen
1795 Nov 27 George WEAVER married Ann PITT of Astley Abbotts (lic) witnesses Benjamin PITT and Martha JOLLEY

Bridgnorth St. Leonards
1762 Sep 20 John TRUMPER of Quatford and Anne EVANS by W. WHITE witnesses James TRUMPER Joseph PITT
1773 Jul 6 Samuel TURNER of St. Mary Magdalen m. Nancy PITT witnesses Wm. WRIGHT and Mary BRIGHT
1806 Nov 23 Sarah PITT witness at a marriage
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  1847 Dec Ann Aston
1847 Dec Eliza King’s Norton
1847 Dec James B’ham
1847 Dec James Kidderminster
1847 Dec Mary Ann B’ham
1847 Dec Phoebe Dudley
1847 Dec Robert Dudley
1847 Dec Thomas Worcester
1848 Dec Henry Wolverhampton
1848 Dec John B’ham
1848 Dec Maria Kidderminster
1848 Dec Martha Upton on Severn
1848 Dec Mary Anne Upton on Severn
1848 Dec Sarah Jane Kidderminster
1848 Dec William Upton on Severn
1848 Jun Ann B’ham
1848 Jun Edward Wolverhampton
1848 Jun James West Bromwich
1848 Jun Joseph Wolverhampton
1848 Jun Mary Tenbury
1848 Mar Marshall King’s Norton
1848 Mar Mary Ann Worcester
1848 Mar William Kidderminster
1848 Sep Charles Upton on Severn
1852 Dec Ann Dudley
1852 Dec John Kidderminster 6c355
1852 Dec Samuel Dudley
1852 Jun Henry West Bromwich
1852 Jun Isaac Aston
1852 Jun John William King’s Norton
  1852 Jun Samuel Dudley
1852 Jun Thomas Worcester
1852 Mar Mary Ann Stourbridge
1852 Mar Selina Stourbridge
1852 Sep Elizabeth Aston
1852 Sep Samuel West Bromwich
1852 Sep Thomas King’s Norton
1853 Dec Eliza Kidderminster
1853 Dec Elizabeth Dudley
1853 Dec James Dudley
1853 Dec John Wolverhampton
1853 Dec Joseph Dudley
1853 Dec Mary Bridgnorth
1853 Jun James Dudley
1853 Jun John Tenbury
1853 Mar Edwin Walsall
1853 Mar James Dudley
1853 Mar Jane Kidderminster
1853 Mar William Abergavenny 11a104
1853 Mar William Gateshead
1853 Mar William King’s Norton 6c471
1853 Sep Ann Upton
1853 Sep Ann Wolverhampton
1853 Sep Caroline Kidderminster
1853 Sep Elizabeth Pershore
1853 Sep Sarah West Bromwich
1853 Sep William Blything 4a943
1854 Dec John Upton
1854 Dec Joseph King’s Norton
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  1854 Dec Martha West Bromwich
1854 Jun William Wolverhampton
1854 Mar Emma Wolverhampton 6b507
1854 Mar Henry Bromyard 6a937
1854 Mar John Wolverhampton
1854 Mar John Kidderminster 6c296
1854 Mar John Worcester 6c330
1854 Mar Joseph Dudley
1854 Mar Joseph Wolverhampton
1854 Mar Mary Worcester 6c317
1854 Mar Sarah B’ham
1854 Sep Eliza B’ham
1854 Sep Francis B’ham
1854 Sep Francis Gloster
1854 Sep Rosanna B’ham
1854 Sep Sarah Dudley
1855 Dec Ann West Bromwich
1855 Dec John Dudley
1855 Dec Maria Kidderminster
1855 Dec Phoebe B’ham
1855 Dec Richard Worcester
1855 Dec Sarah Worcester
1855 Jun Benjamin Stourbridge
1855 Jun Harriet King’s Norton
1855 Jun Henry Stourbridge
1855 Jun John Dudley
1855 Jun Mary Elizabeth Wolverhampton
1855 Jun William Stroud
1855 Mar Edwin King’s Norton
1855 Mar Joseph King’s Norton
1855 Mar Phebe Dudley
1855 Mar William Cheltenham
1855 Sep Alexander Wolverhampton
1855 Sep Catharine B’ham
1855 Sep Emma Dudley
1855 Sep John Dudley
1855 Sep Rebecca Dudley
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  1856 Dec Elizabeth West Bromwich
1856 Dec John Coventry
1856 Dec Louisa West Bromwich
1856 Dec Samuel Solihull
1856 Jun Julia Walsall
1856 Jun Mary Ann Tenbury
1856 Mar Charles West Bromwich
1856 Mar Clara Wolverhampton
1856 Mar Henry King’s Norton
1856 Mar James Worcester
1856 Mar Jane Hannah King’s Norton
1856 Mar John Worcester
1856 Mar Joseph B’ham
1856 Mar Samuel Bridgnorth
1856 Mar Samuel West Bromwich
1856 Sep Ann Cleobury Mortimer
1856 Sep Henry Dudley
1856 Sep Henry Walsall
1856 Sep James Aston
1856 Sep Margaret Wolverhampton
1856 Sep Mary Anne Stourbridge
1856 Sep Mary King’s Norton
1857 Dec Jane Worcester
1857 Dec Sarah Tenbury
1857 Dec Thomas Pershore
1857 Jun Charles Dudley
1857 Jun Eliza King’s Norton
1857 Jun James Henry Evesham
1857 Jun John B’ham
1857 Jun John Upton on Severn
1857 Jun Sarah Aston
1857 Jun William Lambeth 1d342
1857 Jun William New Forest 2b 857
1857 Mar Ellen Aston
1857 Mar Helena King’s Norton
1857 Mar Mary Brain Aston
1857 Mar Thomas B’ham
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  1857 Sep Ann King’s Norton
1857 Sep Hannah King’s Norton
1857 Sep Herbert King’s Norton
1857 Sep Martha Dudley
1857 Sep Mary Ann Dudley
1857 Sep William Medway 2a453
1876 Frederick Kidderminster
1876 William Kidderminster
1894 Jul William Gloucester
1895 Sep William Worcester 6c369
1896 Apr William B’ham
1896 Jan William St.Giles
1896 Oct William St. George’s Hanover Sq.
1897 Mary Jane Kidderminster
1897 Dec William Mansfield
1897 Jun Alice Martha Kidderminster
1897 Jun William Bromyard
1897 Sep Ellen Jane Kidderminster
1897 Sep Mary Ann Worcester
1898 Dec John Joseph Kidderminster
1898 Jun Elizabeth Bridgnorth
1898 Sep William Liverpool
1899 Dec William Lewisham
1899 Dec William Newent
1899 Dec William Walsall
1899 Jun Susan Kidderminster
1899 Jun William Croydon
1899 Sep William Lloyd Kidderminster
1899 Sep William Wellingborough
1900 Dec William Upton 6c584
1900 Jun William B’ham 6d28
1900 Jun William Bucklow
1900 Mar Nellie Kidderminster
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  1900 Mar William Portsea
1900 Sep William Fulham
1901 Dec William W. Ham
1901 Jun Bertha Thornbury, Shropshire
1901 Jun William Wandsworth
1901 Mar William B’ham
1901 Sep William Falmouth
1901 Sep William Wolverhampton
1902 Dec Bertha Kidderminster 6c391
1902 Dec Harry John Kidderminster
1902 Dec William Rotherham
1902 Jun Ellen Wolverhampton
1902 Sep William King’s Norton
1902 Frank Worcester
1903 Dec Thomas Bridgnorth
1903 Dec Thomas Kidderminster
1903 Jun Bertha Exeter
1903 Jun William Mansfield
1903 Sep William Richard Kidderminster
1904 Gertrude Annie Kidderminster
1905 Jun Frank Kidderminster
1905 Jun Hilda Mary Kidderminster
1905 Jun Stanley Rowland Kidderminster
1906 Dec Clara Ada Kidderminster
1906 Dec William Bromsgrove 6c709
1907 Dec Nellie Kidderminster
1907 Jun Mary Jane Kidderminster
1907 Jun William West Bromwich
1907 Jun William Wolverhampton 6b1121
1907 Sep Annie Kidderminster
1907 Sep William Aston 6d373
1907 Sep William Gloucester 6a681
1907 Sep William West Bromwich 6b1471
1910 Dec William West Bromwich 6b1628
1910 Sep William A. Kidderminster 6c383
1910 Sep William Alcester 6d1369
1910 Sep William Aston 6d331
1911 Dec George Kidderminster
1911 Dec Thomas Upton 6c548
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  Cooksey Marriages  
1897 March Quarter
Annie Keziah Stourbridge 6c157

1897 June Quarter
Elizabeth Dudley 6c187
Ellen West Bromwich 6b1388
Sarah Dudley 6c11

1897 September Quarter
Alfred West Bromwich 6b1288
Arthur Thomas Bham 6d252
Samuel West Bromwich 6b1354

1897 December Quarter
Ellen Selina Bham 6d144
Fanny West Bromwich 6b1374
Sedgeley, All Saints, Staffordshire

1803 Dec 26 Sarah COOKSEY m. John RICHARDSON

Worfield, Shropshire
1765 Jun 4 Richard COOKSEE m. Jane CLUET, Wit. Richard CLUITT and James CLUET
1786 Jun 5 Mary COOKSEY m. William REYNOLDS Wit. Ann and Thomas BOWEN
1793 May 29 Lucy COOKSEY m. John BAKER Wit. Banjamin COOKSEY and Eliz. SKETT

Quatt, Shropshire
1764 Benjamin LOW of St. Leonard’s in Bridgnorth m. Sarah COOKSEY otp
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Quatford, Shropshire
1725 Oct 16 William COOKSEY and Hannah PERKS (lic)
1727 May 1 James THOMAS and Elizabeth COOKSEY
1739 Dec 31 John ALCOCK and Elizabeth COOKSEY lic.
1747 May 28 William COOKSEY and Mary PARTRIDGE lic.
1758 May 15 William COOKSEY p. Broseley and Elizabeth OWEN lic.
1778 Jun 7 Thomas PRITCHARD and Sarah COOKSEY

Broseley, Shropshire
1801 Feb 28 William COOKSEY and Martha HEWITT lic.

Astley Abbots, Shropshire
1720 May 28 Richard HARRIES otp and Elizabeth COOKSEY of Quatford, banns

Oldbury, Shropshire
1774 Jul 28 Thomas HAINES and Martha COOKSEY m. Wit. Joshua HIGGINS and Sarah COOKSEY
  Corbett Marriages  
1897 June Quarter
Ada Jane Stourbridge 6c247
Arthur Aston 6d801
Charles Wolverhampton 6b952
Elizabeth Wolverhampton 6b921
Emma Warwick 6d1271
Frances Marion Wellington Sh 6a1533
Frederick Dudley 6c144
John Edward Madeley 6a1264
John William P ` Aston 6d477
Sarah Ann Wellington Sh 6a1544

1897 Sep Quarter
Abraham Dudley 6c140
Annie Stourbridge 6c228
Dorcas Aston 6d568
Elizabeth Wellington Sh 6a1460
Emma Aston 6d5801897 Dec Quarter
Ada Elizabeth King’s Norton 6c925
Alfred George King’s Norton 6c750
Annie Elizabeth Upton 6c557
Elizabeth Mary Droitwich 6c688
John Francis Wolverhampton 6b1123
Thomas Bromsgrove 6c735
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Victor Harold Bham 6d350
William King’s Norton 6c863
William Aston 6d684
William Henry Madeley 6a1285

1876 Marriage June Quarter
Matthew Solihull 6d783

1876 Sep Quarter
Corbet, Miller Kidderminster 6c310
Living in Swan Street in 1890

1876 Dec Quarter
James Kidderminster 6c409

1873 M Arthur Aston 6d 402
Rebecca West Bromwich 6b 946
Sarah Jane Wolverhampton 6b 678
J John Birmingham 6d 318
Lavinia Birmingham 6d 063
Mary Wolverhampton 6b 875
Matthew Aston 6d 433
Married Mary Ann Ward
S James Aston 6d 344
D Emma Corbet (one ëlí) Birmingham 6d 122
Ann Wolverhampton 6b 968
Elizabeth Birmingham 6d 366
Emma Birmingham 6d 122
(Same as above?)
Henry Wolverhampton 6b 944
James West Bromwich 6b 1276
Jane Bromyard 6a 1123
Joseph West Bromwich 6b 1342
Mary Ann West Bromwich 6b 1288
William Wolverhampton 6b 918


  1872 M Esther Ann Dudley 6c 024
Lucy Birmingham 6d 278
Philip (one ëlí) West Bromwich 6b 867
Simeon Dudley 6c 098
Thomas Dudley 6c 179
J Ann Corbet (one ëtí) Wolverhampton 6b 662
Charles Wolverhampton 6b 695
Edward Worcester 6c 479
Ellen Birmingham 6d 250
Harriet Birmingham 6d 110
Job Walsall 6b 907
Joseph West Bromwich 6b 966
Samuel Birmingham 6d 263
Thomas Stourbridge 6c 342
William Dudley 6c 145
William Bromsgrove 6c 615
S Alfred Dudley 6c 010
Elizabeth Droitwich 6c 527
Henry Wolverhampton 6b 699
Thomas Wolverhampton 6b 671
William Bromyard 6a 888
D Alice Amelia Stourbridge 6c 314
Issac Dudley 6c 239
Sarah Ann Dudley 6c 030

Worfield, Shropshire
1639 Jul 23 John CORBITT of parish of Kinver m. Jane BARBER of Chesterton
1746 Jul and Oct John CORBET Churchwarden
1752 Dec 4 Richard CORBETT grocer of Bridgnorth married Mrs. Elizabeth COX spinster? of Shifnall
1784 Jan 16 Sarah CORBETT m. Geo TIMMING of plarish of St. Martin’s Birmingham
1811 May 20 Walter CORBETT of Kinlett m. Han. POULTON

Quatt, Shropshire
1723 Jun 12 John CORBET and Margaret ADAMS

Broseley, Shropshire
1808 Oct 28 William FIEFIELD and Elizabeth CORBETT lic.marr.
1820 Jul 19 James BEAVAN of Wombourn Staffs and Jane CORBETTotp. Witnesses W. FIEFIELD and Eliz. FIEFIELD lic.
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  Bridgnorth St. Mary Magdalen, Shropshire
1756 Feb 4 Thomas BELL and Eliz.STEPHENS, witnesses Sarah CORBET
1775 Nov 16 Sarah CORBETT to Edward MAUN (lic)
1778 Aug 4 Richard CORBETT (of St. Leonards) to Mary FIELD, witnesses John CORBETT, Frances CORBETT, Jos FIELD
1784 Jun 2 Thomas ROBERTS to Ann CORBETT(of St. Leonard’s) – mention of consent of Jane CORBETT, widow, mother

Bridgnorth, St. Leonards, Shropshire
1755 Apr 18 George OSBORNE and Catharine CORBETT by Thomas HUMPHRIES, Curate. Wit. George HEAD, Jeremiah EDWARDS
1755 Oct 29 Richard ADNEY of St. Leonards and Clementine EDDOWS of St. Mary Magdalen, Wit. J. WHITE, junior, James CORBETT
1756 Jun 7 William CORBET and Catharine GARLICK, lic. Wit. John CORBET Anne CORBET
1759 Aug 9 John GREATWITCH of St. Mary’s Chester and Phebe DEAN, lic. Wit. James CORBETT, Samuel PINCKSTON
1760 May 8 Daniel CORBET, baker, and Jane BLAKEMAN. Wit Will. DAVIES, Will. JAMES
1761 Nov 3 William CORBETT and Elizabeth CORSER lic. by John HARDING curate, Wit. Wm CORSER and J. PATTEN
1762 May 24 Henry JACKSON and Anne HEPWOOE by John HARDING, curate, Wit. Daniel CORBETT, Elizabeth HUGHES
1769 Sep 13 John MIDDLETON of St. James, Westminster and June HADLEY, lic. Wit. Ann CORBETT, G. OLDBURY
1771 Aug 5 George EVANS and Mary CORBETT by Thomas STEDMAN curate, wit. Lewis WILLIAMS, Elizabeth JONES
1771 Jul 4 Edmund FORD of Morvile and Mary HABERLEY, lic. by Thomas STEDMAN curate Wit. Thos. CHILDE Mary CORBETT
1774 May 9 Joseph DALLALWAY of Ludlow Salop and Mary LEARY lic wit. Joshua HIGGINS, Ann CORBETT
1775 Feb 26 Richard HEADLEY and Mary LITTLEFORD, lic. Wit. Jas CORBETT, Ann CORBETT
1775 Jan 8 Joseph GARMESON of Much Wenlock, gent and Elizabeth CORBETT lic. Wit. Elizabeth CORBETT, Joseph SANDALL
1781 Richard COOPER and Elizabeth SHERRY wit. William CORBETT, Anne LEM
1781 May 18 Edward HEAD and Anne GROVE, witnesses Eliza GITTINS, William CORBETT
1782 Oct 15 William and Mary BLOSTER by Thos. LITTLETON, Minor, witnesses Elizabeth BARNEY, Ann CORBETT
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