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These are known wills but no details available

John PITT of St. Gabriels, Hanley Castle, Builder, died 14.4.1901. Married to Sarah Newman PITT

Annie Lottie PITT, Amblecote Villa, Amblecote, Lichfield died 25.6.1904. Married to George Percy PITT colliery manager

Alfred PITT, Adams Hill, Clent died 21.11.1906 to Mary WILLETTS (wife of George WILLETTS) and George Francis JAMES Solicitor

William Peter PITT died 24.3.1896 Sparkbrook. Ad. to John Edwin PITT packer

William PITT died 1895 St. John in Bewardine to William John PITT and James OLIVER

John PITT batchelor of 24 Bromsgrove St, Kidderminster, died 8.1.1891. Left money to Mary Ann PITT, widow, of 1 Prospect Hill, Kidderminster, mother, and only next of kin.

Mary Ann PITT widow died 5.3.1894 to Edwin PITT, pattern clerk

Harriett PITT died Bewdley 17.2.1907, spinster

Martha PITT 47 Cartway, Bridgnorth, wife of Charles PITT died 10.5.1901. Ad. Shrewsbury Thomas Francis Edward PITT

Thomas PITT of Upton on Severn, bootmaker, died 28.8.1901 at Varteg, Pontypool. Ad. Worcs to Thomas PITT railway stationmaster